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The Word for today:
Job 4:1 — 5:27

mark this: Job 5:7-9

Satan implies that people don’t love God for God Himself, but because of all the good things He gives us. God contends that if all of Job’s material blessings were taken away, Job would remain faithful. So the testing begins, as one calamity after another strikes Job’s life.

The reader must understand that Job is never made aware of many things the reader knows. Job doesn’t know anything about the conversation between God and Satan which prompts Job’s testing and all his calamities.

The Bible doesn’t claim to reveal everything about God. It doesn’t claim to reveal everything about His universe. We are given only what we need to know. We are left in the dark about so many things.

Cosmic purposes–purposes that we are not aware of–are behind many of the things we find inexplicable. Job’s suffering has a purpose that he could not understand.

We are not going to be shown every card in God’s hand. There are times when all we’re going to know is that God is in charge and He’s putting his whole heart into it as He works out a perfect plan. Whatever we’re dealt, we’re to trust that God knows about it and has a purpose for it.

When Jesus told the disciples He must suffer and die on a cross, they just didn’t get it. They were not aware of what was at stake, or how any good could ever result from such suffering.


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