when your problem is its own solution

The Word for today:
Job 6:1 — 7:21

mark this: Job 7:17-18

The Bible is full of irony.

When the results of a set of circumstances don’t match up with what we might expect, that’s ironic.

That a solitary warrior’s death on a cross marks the victory of light and life over darkness and death is the opposite of what we would expect.

One of the ironies of life, and of Scripture, is that often the problem is its own solution. Whatever was going on in Job’s life, it worked; all of the suffering and anguish–it worked.

What was going on throughout the book of Job? Looking at the big picture, God is delivering, transforming, saving, winning. Job is a picture of your transformation (“Ouch!”). The book of Job is about a process.

Don’t look for answers in Job. Look for process. The process is the answer; Job’s problems are the solution.

Bible reading isn’t so much a search for answers as it is time spent with God. The answer isn’t in a verse or a theological principle. The real answer is the Bible’s effect upon you–the Word becomes flesh not only for Jesus, but for all who avail themselves of its transforming power day by day.


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