Joseph: a prophetic picture of Jesus


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The Word for today:  Genesis 38, 39

There is no one in the entire Old Testament who is more closely a type of the Lord Jesus Christ than is Joseph.

(A type of Christ in scripture is a prophetic picture of the Christ to come–or a prophetic picture of the conditions of his coming kingdom.)

There is so much resemblance between Joseph and Jesus that we’ve constructed a chart which will alert you to some of these parallels.   As you read, be on the lookout for these remarkable prophetic illustrations of Jesus!

Joseph—a type of Christ:

Joseph              Parallels                                         Jesus

37:2       A shepherd of his father’s sheep           John 10:11, 27-29

37:3       His father loved him dearly                      Matt. 3:17

37:4       Hated  by his brothers                              John 7:4,5

37: 13,14     Sent by father to seek his brothers   Heb. 2:11

37:20      Others plotted to harm him                      John 11:53

37:23       Robes taken from them                            John 19:23,24

37:26       Taken to Egypt                                         Matt. 2:14,15

37:28       Sold, by his own, for the price of a slave    Matt. 26:15

39:7         Tempted                                                      Matt. 4:1

39:16-18  Falsely accused                                         Matt 26:59-60

39:20       Bound in chains                                         Matt. 27:2

40:2,3      Placed with two other prisoners (one saved, one lost)   Luke 23:32

41:41       Exalted after suffering                                Philemon 2: 9-11

41:46       30 years old at beginning of public recognition      Luke 3:23

42:24; 45:2,14,15; 46:29    Both wept                         John 11:35

45:1-15    Forgave those who wronged them           Luke 23:34

45:7          Saved their nation                                       Matt. 1:21

50:20        What men did to hurt them, God turned to good  1 Cor. 2:7,8


*Miraculous births;

*Coat of many colors set him apart–Christ separate from sinners;

*Joseph ruled over brethren;

*Christ presented Himself as Messiah and was ridiculed;

*Both raised out of the pit (grave);

*Both mocked;

*Delivered to the Gentiles;

*“Numbered with the transgressors;”

*Seemingly died (or so his father thought) and was “brought to life” again as a triumphant king instead of a suffering servant.

*Both had Gentile “brides.”

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